Work Packages

The main objective of the ReliaBlade project is to contribute to an increased blade structural reliability. 

Besides experimental and numerical methods from material science and structural mechanics also digitalization concepts such as machine learning and artificial intelligence processes are used. These methods are applied to the design, the manufacturing and operational life phase of wind turbine blades and allow a holistic picture of blade strength relevant effect.

The ReliaBlade project is structured along these blade life phases: WP 2 “Blade Design”, WP 3 “Blade and Component Testing” and WP 7 “Full-scale Blade Testing”. The experimental scope on the material and full-scale level is extended in WP 6 “Subcomponent Testing”. These work packages are supported by work on the material behavior in WP 5 “Material Properties and Effects of Defects”, in WP 4 “Scanning NDT”, in WP 8 “Damage monitoring” and WP 9 “Multiscale modelling”. WP 1 “Digitalization Platform” interlinks all other work packages. WP 0 and WP 10 are non-technical work packages and focus on project management as well as on dissemination and commercialization of the project and its results.

In total, ReliaBlade consists of 11 work packages. To read about the individual work packages, please click in the list below:

Below is a graphic showing how we run the project

An infpgraphic outlining the project