The table below is in alphabetical order.

Blaest logo

Blade Test Centre A/S (BLAEST)

Blade Test Centre A/S (BLAEST) is an independent test laboratory established in 2005. BLAEST conducts full-scale structural tests according to IEC 61400-23 of wind turbine rotor blades up to 85 metres in length.  

CEKO logo

CEKO Sensors ApS

CEKO Sensors ApS was founded in 2015 as a spin-out from DTU Nanotech. CEKO fabricates state-of-the-art optical microchip sensors using advanced MEMS technology. The technology is used in industrial monitoring and optimization applications and enables IIoT solutions in a harsh environment where conventional electrical sensors cannot operate. It is the ambition of CEKO to become the market leading provider of sensors for wind turbine blade monitoring.

Logo Dantec

Dantec Dynamics GmbH

Dantec Dynamics GmbH is a leading manufacturer of professional full-field optical deformation, vibration and NDT measuring systems. The company produces and sells a range of measuring systems for full-field and non-contact measurement. The company’s product range includes miniaturised 3DESPI and 3D- image correlation systems (DIC) for fast and deformation/strain analysis, as well as fully automatic shearography inspection systems for component inspection. 

Logo DTU

DTU Compute

DTU Compute has internationally leading expertise in applied mathematics and computer science for engineering applications. Image analysis is one of the core research areas for DTU Compute, and especially automated 3D structure quantification methods based on statistics including machine learning methods will be central to this project. 

Logo DTU

DTU Wind Energy

DTU Wind Energy is one of the world’s leading and largest knowledge centres for wind energy. Research and development activities range from boundary layer meteorology, fluid dynamics, and structural mechanics involving the dynamic response of structures, to power and control engineering, wind turbine loading and safety, and project planning and development.

Logo FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology is GTS company and a leading service provider on the international market. FORCE Technology is specialised in equipment and services related to automated nondestructive inspection of wind turbine blades, and has been providing equipment and services to the major blade manufactures and has established the wind industry as a strategic focus area. 

Fraunhofer logo

Fraunhofer IWES

Fraunhofer IWES ensures investments in technological developments in the field of wind energy through its validation services. By operating large test rigs, it accelerates the market introduction of innovative products, enhances certification processes and increases planning security by using state-of-the-art measurement techniques. Fraunhofer IWES has comprehensive infrastructure and competences in full-scale, components and material tests for wind turbine blades and has also large-scale research facilities for manufacturing technology investigations and developments.


IBM Danmark ApS

IBM Danmark ApS is part of the global leading technology, cloud and cognitive company IBM. With a broad focus towards industry-specific solutions, IBM strives to create value for its customers and make an impact on a global scale. The wind industry is of high esteem in IBM, and with a close relationship to several global players, IBM strives to participate in the evolution of new solutions for this particular industry, that will have a positive impact on the global society. 

Logo Leibniz Universität Hannover

Leibniz Universität Hannover

Leibniz University Hannover is a member of ForWind, the Center for Wind Energy Research. In the ReliaBlade project, Leibniz University Hannover is represented by its Institute for Wind Energy Systems (LUH-IWES). The research activities of LUH-IWES include the development of methods for rotor blade design, the modeling and analysis of rotor blade structures with an emphasis on adhesive joints, fatigue damage and buckling, the integration of related methods in software solutions, and high-resolution X-ray microscopy.

LM Wind Power

LM Wind Power A/S is a leading supplier of blades for wind turbines, offering blade development, manufacturing, service and logistics. Approximately one in five turbines installed around the world has LM Wind Power blades. 

Olsen Wings A/S

Olsen Wings A/S has existed in its present form since 2008, but some of the key persons have worked with composite production since 1985. Olsen Wings develops, manufactures and sells blade sets for small Wind Turbines World Wide. 

Logo Siemems

Siemens Industry Software NV (SISW)

Siemens Industry Software NV (SISW) has the lead, within the Siemens PLM organization and portfolio, for developing hardware and software solutions for product and systems validation and verification, based on test and simulation, hereby enabling as the only PLM vendor a “closed-loop System Driven Product Development with integrated test” solution. 

Logo Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Siemens Gamesa is a leading supplier of wind power solutions to customers all over the globe. A key player and innovative pioneer in the renewable energy sector, we have installed products and technology in more than 90 countries, with a total capacity base of over 89 GW and 23,000 employees.

Logo Vestas

Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Vestas Wind Systems A/S is a Danish manufacturer, seller, installer, and servicer of wind turbines. Vestas is a global leader in sustainable energy solutions. Vestas innovates, develops, deploys and services technologies in all wind turbine domains, hereunder blade design in advanced composite structures.

Logo Zebicon

Zebicon A/S

Zebicon A/S is a specialist in 3D scanning and industrial measuring techniques. Zebicon offers services within 3D scanning and measuring, and sells optical metrology systems from the German company GOM.