Large Scale Facility on DTU Risø Campus. Photo: Bax Lindhardt

Work Package 7 - Full scale blade testing


This work package demonstrates the predictability and efficiency of the Digital Twin concept in DTU Large Scale Facility by integrating the developed numerical models and monitoring, sensoring techniques and non-destructive testing (NDT) methods.

In total, three 12m blades (produced by Olsen Wings A/S) and two 40m blades (produced by Fraunhofer IWES) will be tested in full scale under combined bending and torsion in static tests and under bi-axial fatigue using exciters developed at DTU. Damage progress will be predicted, monitored and analyzed during these tests.

Blade static test in DTU Large Scale Facility, Photo: Xiao Chen

Work Package Leaders / Contact

Xiao Chen, Willi Wroblewski