Relationship between work packages in this project

Work Package 1 - Digitalization Platform


The objective of WP1 is to set the simulation and documentation framework for a digital representation of the physical system of individual blades and their components at each stage of their lifetime. The modular architecture digital platform will enable improved predictive analytic functionality and will include an overall system architecture and standards for data format, data management and I/O protocols.

Description of activities and methods

WP1 will develop and demonstrate Digital Twins of the individual wind turbine blades and their structural details. The advanced measurement techniques will integrate into a common framework with the high-fidelity multiscale simulations (Multiscale modelling) coupled through the new Information Technologies.

Digital representation of the physical blade will span all stages of the blade lifetime ranging from the design stage, through fabrication up to testing and operation. Digital Twins of the blades will enable predictive analytics engineering, which is not available at the current state.

At the technical level, each of the individual Work Packages has defined a dedicated Task: Digital Platform Integration, to ensure the necessary interlink with the WP1 as presented on the figure above. 

It will run like a ‘red thread’ throughout the whole project. These tasks have a corresponding WP1 specific tasks utilizing the findings from each of the work package and integrating them into the digital platform.

The ReliaBlade project will use the Siemens Simcenter as a digitalization platform. The structure of the digitalization work package is in line with the Siemens Digital Twin concept. Data management and analytics architecture and tools will be provided by IBM.

Work Package Leaders / Contact

Marcin Luczak; Roman Braun