Work Package 8 - Damage monitoring


The objective of WP8 is to coordinate and combine different sensor and measurement solutions in order to detect, locate and characterize damage initiation and growth in the blades tested during the ReliaBlade project. Data generated by the monitoring systems will provide information that updates the blade Digital twin.

Description of activities and methods

In this Work Package, a multimodal monitoring system will be developed that includes both point, local and global measurements as well as combining vibration/stress wave, point strain, and structural load approaches.

The target for the ReliaBlade monitoring system is one entirely based on newly developed optical sensors in order to avoid increasing lightning risk in operating turbines. However, the measurement principles will also be demonstrated using established technologies during the physical test program.

The data from all sensors is to be integrated within the Digital Twin infrastructure and the insights applied to optimising asset profitability throughout the life cycle of each blade.

Deliverables from this work package include
  • new optical MEMS sensors and monitoring systems suitable for industry application
  • development of the multimodal sensor approach to damage monitoring and its demonstration on the ReliaBlade test structures
  • integration of all monitoring data within the digital platform
Work Package Leaders / Contact:

Malcolm McGugan